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The application and impact assessment of sodium benzoate in various food products.

1. Introduction Sodium benzoate is a widely used chemical preservative in the food industry, known for its high efficacy in antimicrobial and preservative capabilities. In modern food processing, the use of preservatives is crucial for ensuring food safety and extending shelf life. As an effective preservative, sodium benzoate plays a significant role in a variety of foods, from beverages to

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The Amazing Effects of Xanthan Gum: The Secret to Enhancing Food Texture and Taste

1. Introduction Xanthan gum, a natural food additive, has become increasingly important in the food industry in recent years. This multifunctional polymer not only significantly improves food texture and taste but also enhances product stability and shelf life. Whether in dairy products, baked goods, beverages, or condiments, xanthan gum demonstrates its unique advantages and broad application potential. This article aims

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A New Choice for Healthy Eating: The Unique Role of Sorbitol in Food

Introduction In the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, dietary choices are of paramount importance. As people become increasingly aware of health and nutrition, the trend of opting for low-calorie, low-sugar foods is on the rise. Among the myriad sweeteners available, Sorbitol, a naturally occurring low-calorie sweetener, is gaining popularity. Sorbitol is not just a sugar substitute; it offers numerous health

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