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Food-Grade Silicon Dioxide: The Hidden Guardian in Your Diet

Introduction Silicon dioxide, also known as silica or siliceous earth, is a compound found abundantly in nature. It is one of the most prevalent minerals in the Earth’s crust and an integral part of our daily diet. You might not realize it, but silicon dioxide plays a crucial role in modern food processing, being widely used in various food products.

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The Crucial Role of TMP in Modern Industry

Introduction Trimethylolpropane (TMP) is a multifunctional organic compound that plays a significant role in modern industries due to its excellent chemical properties and wide range of applications. Its multi-hydroxyl structure makes it an ideal additive and modifier in various fields, including coatings, polyurethanes, lubricants, and resins. TMP not only enhances the mechanical strength, thermal stability, and chemical resistance of materials

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I+G: the secret weapon to enhance food flavor

Introduction I+G, a common food additive, has seen widespread application in the food industry in recent years. Praised as the secret weapon for enhancing food flavor, it is widely used in various foods such as meat products, seasonings, and convenience foods. I+G not only enhances the umami taste of food but also masks unpleasant flavors, making food more delicious. As

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