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Who are we?


Lingyue food chemicals is a food additives and chemicals supplierthat suppliers to  the Starch Sugars,Sweetener,Thickener,Stabilizer,Phosphate,

Flavour enhancer,Acidity regulator,Preservative,

Vitamin,andAmino acid


  • We prioritize customer needs, offering high-quality  services.                           
  • We maintain honesty and transparency,   building trust.
  • We innovate continuously, improving products to meet market needs.                                                        
  • We strictly control quality, ensuring food additives’ standards.                                     
  • We focus on environmental protection, promoting eco-friendly products                                                       
Explore the benefits of BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids), essential for protein synthesis and muscle repair. Ideal for enhancing muscle growth, recovery, and energy during workouts. Vegan-friendly, produced via fermentation from plant-based sources like corn, BCAAs help preserve muscle mass and boost endurance. Perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to improve performance and reduce recovery time.
Stevia sugar is a new natural sweetener extracted from the leaves of stevia which belongs to Composite plants.


  • Become the global leader in food additives distribution
  • Establish a global supply chain for fast, efficient delivery.
  • Continuously invest in technology and service innovation
  • Promote and distribute sustainable products to reduce impact