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Upgrade Your Sweetening Game with Acesulfame-K! Perfect for Diabetics and Health-Conscious Eaters – No Calories, Pure Sweetness, and Heat Stable

Acesulfame-K dissolves easily in water and its solubility is 27 grams at 20℃. Though it can make food sweeter with good taste and no calories, it’s not nutritious.
Being characterized by no metabolizing and no absorbing in human bodies (it is the ideal sweetener for the middle-aged and old, obese patients and diabetics) as well as being stable to heat and acid, it is the fourth generation of synthetic sweetener in the world at present. It produces strong and pure sweetness and the duration is longer than that of sucrose.
Acesulfame-K is 200 to 250 times sweeter than sucrose.
Acesulfame-K is stable to light and heat (it can resist the high temperature of 225℃) and has a wide range of application of PH value (PH=2-10).
As one of the most stable Sweeteners in the world, it doesn’t absorb moisture in the air and is stable to heat.
Acesulfame-K is widely used in various kind of food. Acesulfame-K is the most suitable for soft beverage because of it’s high stability and good taste, it can be used in such foodstuffs as : soft drink, chewing gum, coffee(instant), tea(instant), dairy product analogs, Gelatins, pudding desserts, tabletop sweetener and baked food. Acesulfame-K can be also used in medicine and cosmetics, for example, syrup, sugarcoating pius, toothpaster, lipstick, mouthwasher and similar products.