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calcium formate

Discover our high-efficiency calcium formate, a versatile chemical additive perfect for the construction and agriculture sectors. It speeds up concrete curing, enhances durability, and improves animal feed effectiveness. Safe, eco-friendly, and compliant with international standards. Enhance your products and projects with our reliable additive.

Our calcium formate is a high-efficiency chemical additive widely used in the construction industry and animal feed. This colorless to white powder not only enhances the curing speed of concrete, improving its durability, but also serves as a feed additive, effectively boosting animal growth rates and health.

Product Features:

– Accelerates concrete curing: Calcium formate significantly enhances the initial strength of concrete products, reducing curing time.
– Improves feed effectiveness: As a feed additive, it enhances animals’ disease resistance, and improves meat quality and yield.
– High safety: Meets international food and construction safety standards, ensuring reliability and safety.
– Environmentally friendly: Eco-friendly, easy to handle and use.


– Construction industry: Used as a curing accelerator for concrete and mortar.
– Agriculture: Serves as an acidifier and growth promoter in animal feed.
– Industrial applications: Used as a stabilizer and catalyst in chemical manufacturing and the leather industry.

Choose our calcium formate to not only enhance the performance of your products but also ensure eco-friendly and safe application processes. Get it now and bring more possibilities to your projects!